Saturday, February 18, 2012



Oh Carolina I drove for hours to see how you were doing, I needed to see exactly where you are at I have to be there. The narrow road was rough full of dangerous potholes but still I had a song in my soul and hope in my heart that there was not so much drama as it was reported in the papers. As I drew nearer to you a speed trap slowed me down and couldn’t help but notice a cow or two dead in the field my heart sank as a possible feast or business, for another now must be buried this picture I could not take should not be late for our date; 10 o’clock was just 25 minutes away. As I enter into your humble abode to me you look alright very close to home Mswati might I add. May I sit down long, trip I have just experienced jozi is long away; NO you say to me dramatics in the area lets take a spin. Before we go far Carolina my darling my I have a glass off water, actually here is my bottle were is the nearest tap I’ll just refill it ,honey you  don’t get it you say to me some one is poisoning our well rashes are developing I heard someone died in the next kasi the water looks like apple juice in some instances it looks like apple grind  with chewy bits. My guts Carolina what are you telling me this is basic human right we talking about; you respond; time is of the essence I suggest you suck it in, it’s the middle of the month I don’t know were dinner is coming from, I sooo cant afford to buy you a bottle of water honey I will hustle you a mango. suck it in I do as we walk on down to the dam I see in big blue neon letters H20 it’s a water shop oh Carolina can we pretty please go in there quick quick I just wanna see what it looks like booming I cant help but notice; that around here walking around with a bottle of water is like sporting designer wear damn actually lets head down to the dam crux of the matter WHO IS POISINING THE WATERS OF CAROLINA IN MPUMALANGA SOUTH AFRIC

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So we that stay in Joburg know too well how scarce and rare great do's happen in this city especially  if you not into main stream kind of life .The drill hall is a great space were great things and people happen .A moon ago i was reminded why I love this city AND LIFE  the Music was great to peeps like mystikal ebony you rock sisster iyo dj valentine seen above and was great to see ROBO THE TECHNICHIAN  live once again after many  moons and its funky people i mean i saw peeps i have not seen in ages and i hope peeps were also glad to see me since i been on the down low wiping cleansing egg off my face.Was so good to see my cousins thato and Masilo out and about ,Matt with his germiston crew my friend matt is such an intergrater always exposing the one world to the other since he lives inbetween these worlds; see he is the one with glasses lol.great to see good looking ladies,sheeew was good to see bradley on the bass getting taller by the minute. no man it was good to see everyboudy was great to be out, great party Mambila keep it up .SHOUT OUT GOES TO BREEZE YOKO AND MAK MANAKA TMAC mo love

Thursday, February 9, 2012


So i have these two girlfriends that i have a complex relation with we fight we laugh we boogie and do other secretive things together they are my 2 pals and miss them when i dont see them or when we dont go out to play their names are the Rosa and the Big tree we meet a couple moons ago in the big tree's car and made a coupla pics.