Thursday, February 28, 2013


So for a long time i resisted hard to go on ista this and that I am a photographer I told myself not a cellographer i take my craft toooo serious i told all who asked my opinion on these things until one day the I told myself in life there are many things I indulge in that are instant like 2 minute noodles instant coffee from time to time and has had my fair share of of instant gratifications I went for it and now I am hooked the pics posted today were all taken with my cellphone not a medium format camera(hides) okay besides my addictive personality here is  why i got hooked: its quickly accessible always in my pocket its light,and the big one for me it does not intimidate people and people don't take what u doing seriously its like u not even making pics of them they just completely ignore u unlike when i whip out my SLR with its lens .