Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amazing Race! I mean place

What an amazing two days of lots of work I have had. Was travelling around Gauteng compliments of Gauteng Tourism making images of celebrities trying to outsmart and outrun each other all over the province of Gauteng I will be posting some of the pictures from the trip keep your eye on this blog ,bloggers Peace Love and Happiness to all.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Queen Godis had never reallt heard of her before yo but this Young women blew me away her talent is so versetile even my man could not stop starring ,this girl could rap act sing all in one set she had issues she wanted out there some serious some funny but she delivered it all well .L8ANTIQ we should all be looking out for this talented local band or should i say a collective of enlightened musical souls Phumla who is their vocalist I bow down at your vocal Poweress makwande.

Heritage day

On Friday this side of the globe was Heritage day and a holiday.When I was walking on the street people were wearing their cultural clothes and speaking in their mother tongues to their Children urging them never to forget where they come from.For me the day was a holiday ,which meant I woke up later than usual did my laundry,attended an art opening of Happy Dhlame at the Constitutional hill and basically had an easy day.Later on Friends were part of the line up at bassline so I promised them I will be in the crowd like a proud parent and cheer them on,so I headed there later with my complimentary ticket and my hooch in the bag since it was not month end as yet.I get there 20 minutes after the poetry began as I was about to sit back with my glass of water and relax and enjoy being out and about,that's when the MC announced Pops Mohamed is about to go on stage and bless us,that's when i seriously started to feel very blessed as i have never witnessed this great living legend live as for me I view this Music legend as one of our great keepers(4 a lack of a better word) of our music heritage I just wish Madala Kunene was there.Wow it was great, Pops,l8antiq,Queen Godis were my favourite .

Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I Wish bendi pha!

Every wednesday in Joburg there is Live jazz happening the venues have moved a lot from Roka to Sophiatown now its happening at Wish in Melville.I love jazz music especially live jazz,so last night it was a wednesday night my friend Samson as Delilah was ready to go boogy at wish ,but me as usual was at home with my babies no nanny on sight,all I had to do to console my self was to look at this footage i took at wish the last time i was there a couple of moons ago and listen to some Paul Chambers ahhh Paul chambers is something else man the talented always just have to leave too soon anyways,FORGIVE THE SHAKY IMAGES I JUST COULD NOT STOP MOVING THAT NIGHT.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Egontshini presents style versus fashion this sunday kospotong in newtown come all for brand new second hands i will also be selling some rags and shades like the ones Nkuli is wearing, the picture of hlubi turned into the poster i did couple of moons ago

as promised over the fone

yo yo yo eish no let me apologise to those offended ai no facebook is quick hey i only started advertising my blog yesterday and already people have logged in and spread the word some more,but the juicy shoot i did with my girl u Nkuli some peeps protested telling me why i did not put this pic or that pic so i will add more pics from that shoot also featured in the shoot is my best girl Masegegeya who helped Nkuli with the styling.Also the lady in the red beret is the fab and lovely nkuli an the lady in the red t with the funny African map is Mase my girl mo love to all these peeps in the photos nani ma comrades e Zol ,BLK JKS


Mangenge all those who are interested in thieving at the images in this blog will be dealt with by the strong might of the law ,ask for permission and we'll make a way.All images used here are copyrighted,peace.LeMad


more pics

Silent screams!or is it?

Well hello again,yoo I just realised today as I slaved away in my archives what this blogging thing is helping me do,its helping me look at my pictures as I usually get over them as soon as I take them ,don't look at them much and don't do much with them either(unless there is a call for submission or its commissioned work) ,so yesterday while I was looking at what I was to post today I came across pictures i did in July of this year in Grahamstown in the eastern cape.This year for the very first time i attended the arts festival there,shocking i know but hey there is a first time for everybody and this was mine,took a train there knowing there was free accommodation and stipend waiting for me,arrived after it felt like i was on the train for moons,recuperated in the morning then went out at around midday to attend rehearsals for the production i was there with called afterschool.The weather was georgous i remeber because when i left jozi it was freezing and nasty,the sun was shining in Grahamstown i was wearing my shades and flops , strolling down the student town heading to reheasals and thats when i first saw them,at first i thought mybe its part of the exhibition behavior i see in all festivals,but no man these ghosts like figures lucking in every corner and restuarant door were kids man! half miming half begging this really did leave an uncomfortable impression on me well it was my first day and i was not to stress or think too hard about "social issues"or not even read too much into thinks like i usually do.But as I was greeted by the same scene the next day i asked myself its school holidays, year in and year out for i dont know how many donkey years this time of the year the festival arrives,so I asked why is there no programme for the local kids to keep themselves busy and be involved in this big event in their town.or is there? Or where these kids just out to get themselves an extra rand to buy themselves ice cream or was this a sign of the divide between the rich and the poor in this town was it like a sign to show how wide the gap is.Upon befriending some of these young street artists i realised that most of them have never seen a play on the festival programme, unless its on the street ,these kids have never been inside the festival venues,so in exchange of them allowing me to make portraits of them i gave them complimentary tickets to come watch our play.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brains behind it-Nonkululeko Mlangeni

Like I promised the juicy shoot well i think because i really enjoyed doing it.

The photo- shoot profiles artist collectives in Johannesburg, South Africa from different creative backgrounds. The shoot was inspired by the Black Panther Party, their style and the role they played in changing the way people in their communities think. It was shot in the streets of Johannesburg and it is the first step to documenting our heritage and young revolutionaries in the local creative scene.Featuring

Blk Jks- Afro/Funk/Experimental/Township Rock Band
Tee and Whiskey- Fashion Designers
Mind Your Head – Film Making/Curating/Music Production
Lindiwe Matshikiza – Actress, Director and Writer
Keleketla! Library
Maia Marie-Researcher, Activist

Mabel Cetu

Today i found out about a women who was a photographer in the 50's and 60's Mabel Cetu who did some work for drum and the herald in her time,the article i read by Nkosikhona Ngcobo, maid her sound like a very fashionable and socialite type of women,I had a picture of her in my head wearing her bright yellow Sunday dress and peep-toe heels ,wearing white gloves and holding her box camera.I wonder what her archives would reveal ,would they reveal all icons of her time gathered at different times in her living room,or would they reveal the typical images of her time,what kind of photography did this unsung artist produce.I also wonder why her name is not in the books of history with the rest of the photographers that produced work for drum at the time.The article also revealed that at her prime the former mid wife,was appointed to take a seat in her local municipal.
Did she then stop making images or did she photograph her son and adopted daughter,I wonder wonder,why this women has not been celebrated.

sytlish and opiniated

Friday, September 17, 2010

to go on or delve to the meaty part

well this blogging thing is proving just a tad difficult,well the technicality is unavoidably complex,but i will keep om keeping on try and load more pics,as it seems it allows me to post 1 pic a day i wonder why though.anywho i wonder if i should carry on posting the second opinion shoot or should i skip to the juicy shoot i did with nkuli featuring the blk jks, lindiwe matshikiza,mind your head and many more fab folks or should i just do 1 mo of 2nd opinion and then on Monday get to the meaty part ,cool that's a deal

Monday, September 13, 2010

second opinion shoot

Katlego wearing clothes and accecorries that can be found on subject second opinion