Monday, November 12, 2012

I at Jozi

So many know i was born and bred in Joburg and this is were i discovered photography and this city has always been my backdrop and its hussle and bustle the sound track to my struggles and truimphs so these are just random pictures i made in my birth city, pretty despite what the internet tells the tourists and Thanks to I art  joburg and all the graf heads for making jozi Beautiful .to the Musicians and the Poets for providing a more enchanthing sound track.
cutting bizniz

the honey was sweet &deadly

no this is for real

beauty reflected on our concrete

taking a breather

and go

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How I wish to be amazed

Sometimes life can be all fun and games I remember when the amze ship from berlin settled in braamfontein it was party none stop my nights were never the same dancing drinking and walking for miles gone are those days now its all work and no play no playmates either i wish i could dance up a storm i wish i could play games with u