Sunday, January 15, 2012

to gym or not to gym thats the ?

for those who have met me live know that i have a hot body thick behind prominent hips and after the birth of my girl the small waist is the shadow of its former self.those who have interacted with it cant get over it but Lord knows that despite my frame being the main character in the fantasies of many males and females alike gym has been on the top of my new years resolutions year in and year out.Eish but its hard getting addicted to that ish man i go and i stop grab a pizza and hope for the best mind power is not working in the hip department its working for my friend hlubi though she says i need to think myself into the shape i want eish but even thats hard so i renewed my gym membership close to work and still its hard to get in there when i do get in i have a great sweaty time great sweaty time so i need the strength to go back in there,the other day i was in the studio with  sir Richard Bronson but still the only exercise i did while i was in there was lifting up my camera going down for a different perspective running around him to get him in all angles before i got kicked out kwa kwa kwa funny stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 and all that jazz

Well i have to admit 2011 was such a sprint year things came and went so fast one hardly had the time to take a breather and really realise how good things are going.Those  who know me know Iam an aspiring musician,a concert pianist to be specific so iam most definitely taking steps toward realising this dream first step (donations of old and unwanted piano welcomed and encouraged) is purchasing a 2nd hand piano,so i can stop hogging a friends family piano i could see he was getting tired of my unannounced visits followed by hours on his inherited piano.Every year in Joburg Newtown to be specific a ship comes in and settles on the Marifitzgerard square and for the whole weekend the fat cats and their wives or young skinny girlfriends black and white diamonds BEE types come out to play in the city during the Joy Of Jazz So last year i was invited to cover the event and i had excess to the event not just me but me and a partner so i went i saw and i had a lot of fun as i really enjoy jazz , in my opinion this genre is the funkier version of what you find in the orchestra classic stuff i tell you African jazz musicians in my opinion are the best in the world no disrespect to new Orleans.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

JOBURG CARNIVAL(wish u were there)

The 31st of dec 2011 the morning weather in Joburg was very gloomy and quite ,i was two minded about going to the carnival ,but the photographer in me thought gloomy weather makes great light for making pics so up i went to the carnival and am i glad i went the participants from different regions in Joburg were clad in colourfull and outrageous outfits they were showing off their practised dance moves.Residents of hillbrow  were drawn out  by the du du dum dum of the drums ,waving in approval to the colourfull crowds passing far the rain came down in drizzles nothing we could not handle the music was keeping my feet dancing and the participants gloating at the attention they were being showered with from onlookers.By the time we entered Braamfontein the puffy clouds started weeping on us painted bodies were melting made up faces started looking mashed up kids were now hugging their shivering selves.for them the fun was over.The media crew were diving for shelter to protect their filming equipment and notepads.but majority of the reveallers including myself could not stop dancing the drum beat .5KM down the line as we were about to get off the mandela brigde into newtown the sun beaming sun came out kids shed off their protective layer of plastic bags and rejoined their that moment a few k's from the finish line i realised how much fun the carnival is the ice cream vendors came out in their numbers and the fun walk carried on to the Newtown gardens were food packs and entertainment was awaiting the fun walkers.Cant wait for the soweto festival never been but this year its on like a scorn.