Monday, October 31, 2011

who's side are u on,in this politikal game

Well its enough with the apologies on so many levels like black sSouth Africans who join Parties like the DA take Lindiwe Mazibuko also finally felt like enough is enough DA is my democratically chosen party my drug of choice its either i lie down and be walked over by lets assume the majority of our beloved country thats free or dom or I will rise not only from these glares feeling pity for the so called tea lady but i shall rise in my Parties ranks as well i will fight to freelybe in my chosen party as well as be a force to be reconned with even within my party iam shedding the debate mate persona to your political rival ,who might one day grow bigger than the DA.agg these are just my rantings as i have also had enough of being apologetic for not taking care of this blog i have had enough so now its on .I took a picture of this DA member in the north west on youth day he was not shy to wear his heart on his sleave despite majority of his community and friends are in the ruling ANC ya ne its good now people can choose and not live in fear on the masses reaction to their choice.

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