Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Procrestination is a prison I realised today  blogger of note Nana Kofi helped me reach this realisation Ideas are diamonds in the ruff and we need to dig em up so we see them clearly and wash them and refine them basically work them like miners work in search of gold or platinum in the north west province.I went to visit leeukop prison a coupla moons ago and realised that many youngsters who are inside have realised that there is no time to waist in this lifetime.your dreams and hopes are never blocked by the prison warderer but by your own inhabitions and fears .Many don’t need to be behind bars to be prisoners.at leeukop I noticed that it was still like the paterns you find outside jail .there were those who saw their mistakes and were busy equipping themselves with skills and knowledge to help them hit the ground running once outside like Itumeleng Tshegara (21) who is in prison for five years for armed robbery is now a motivational speaker and  is also attending schooling  at the Leeuwkop correctional centre(wearing the rosary) and there were those who preferred to sit behind bars with their hands folded the whole day.

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