Wednesday, January 4, 2012

JOBURG CARNIVAL(wish u were there)

The 31st of dec 2011 the morning weather in Joburg was very gloomy and quite ,i was two minded about going to the carnival ,but the photographer in me thought gloomy weather makes great light for making pics so up i went to the carnival and am i glad i went the participants from different regions in Joburg were clad in colourfull and outrageous outfits they were showing off their practised dance moves.Residents of hillbrow  were drawn out  by the du du dum dum of the drums ,waving in approval to the colourfull crowds passing far the rain came down in drizzles nothing we could not handle the music was keeping my feet dancing and the participants gloating at the attention they were being showered with from onlookers.By the time we entered Braamfontein the puffy clouds started weeping on us painted bodies were melting made up faces started looking mashed up kids were now hugging their shivering selves.for them the fun was over.The media crew were diving for shelter to protect their filming equipment and notepads.but majority of the reveallers including myself could not stop dancing the drum beat .5KM down the line as we were about to get off the mandela brigde into newtown the sun beaming sun came out kids shed off their protective layer of plastic bags and rejoined their that moment a few k's from the finish line i realised how much fun the carnival is the ice cream vendors came out in their numbers and the fun walk carried on to the Newtown gardens were food packs and entertainment was awaiting the fun walkers.Cant wait for the soweto festival never been but this year its on like a scorn.

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  1. Brilliant Eye..Amazing Photography...Fantastic Imagery..made possible by a Person with a Gift of LOve!!!**