Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Diepsloot's 1st golf academy

Photography is sooo much about opportunity, the ones we create for ourselves and the one’s presented to us, either by others or by fate when the opportunity presents itself will I be ready to seize the moment; only the pictures will tell.

Golf in diepsloot for kids oh my word what a great opportunity. Imagine all along growing up as girls in townships we were ought to play netball and the boys soccer and those who were not interested were ought to roam the streets playing makeshifts games also traditional games like diketo on the ground with stones, mgusha made out of old stockings those games wont take you to the olympic games,but golf will most definetly present you with such grand opportunities. Diepsloot is a sea of shacks, crime is rife and there are not many parks for kids to play freely in. Recently there has been many service delivery protests and kids tend to join their parents in these violence protests, as children get the raw end of the stick.

Rueben Mathe also known as coach

searching for balls in the field


not only two bags

but 4 filled to the brim with sticks

But now Rueben Mathe has organised diepsloot's first golfing academy, it does not matter that they share the field with soccer kids and a prayer group, shit and litter.
Many of the kids regard Ernie Els as their role model others Tiger Woods but many hope Ernie could come see them play, they recorn he will be proud.
They shared one golf bag for a while until a good samarithan from pretoria saw these pictures in a local newspaper and donated four golf bags filled with sticks and a lot of golf balls ,what Iam saying if you have or know someone who is sick of playing golf please donate to these future olmypians in diepsloot informal settlement.

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