Monday, September 27, 2010

Heritage day

On Friday this side of the globe was Heritage day and a holiday.When I was walking on the street people were wearing their cultural clothes and speaking in their mother tongues to their Children urging them never to forget where they come from.For me the day was a holiday ,which meant I woke up later than usual did my laundry,attended an art opening of Happy Dhlame at the Constitutional hill and basically had an easy day.Later on Friends were part of the line up at bassline so I promised them I will be in the crowd like a proud parent and cheer them on,so I headed there later with my complimentary ticket and my hooch in the bag since it was not month end as yet.I get there 20 minutes after the poetry began as I was about to sit back with my glass of water and relax and enjoy being out and about,that's when the MC announced Pops Mohamed is about to go on stage and bless us,that's when i seriously started to feel very blessed as i have never witnessed this great living legend live as for me I view this Music legend as one of our great keepers(4 a lack of a better word) of our music heritage I just wish Madala Kunene was there.Wow it was great, Pops,l8antiq,Queen Godis were my favourite .

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