Monday, November 28, 2011


Portrait of an antique dealer ,this is by far one of my favourite photographs I made this year and also one that felt most natural while making.when I first met Riaan Bolt at his home in Linden he was calm and happy to see me, good sign number one: naturally I became happy to meet him .Juice or coffe he inquired juice I opted ,then it was the beginning of work for us ,Riaan tells me of the furniture he has on sale ,Iask him to tell me about him and he does so gracefully as if talking about his favourite friend; tells me he got into antiques by genes his parents collected he says calmy .Basically we clicked like long lost friends hence I see fit to feature this creative soul who is a qualified piano teacher/player,model and this I decided after our shoot he was great and has a beautiful face ,antique dealer and art collector of note.

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