Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mabel Cetu

Today i found out about a women who was a photographer in the 50's and 60's Mabel Cetu who did some work for drum and the herald in her time,the article i read by Nkosikhona Ngcobo, maid her sound like a very fashionable and socialite type of women,I had a picture of her in my head wearing her bright yellow Sunday dress and peep-toe heels ,wearing white gloves and holding her box camera.I wonder what her archives would reveal ,would they reveal all icons of her time gathered at different times in her living room,or would they reveal the typical images of her time,what kind of photography did this unsung artist produce.I also wonder why her name is not in the books of history with the rest of the photographers that produced work for drum at the time.The article also revealed that at her prime the former mid wife,was appointed to take a seat in her local municipal.
Did she then stop making images or did she photograph her son and adopted daughter,I wonder wonder,why this women has not been celebrated.


  1. Hi, could I please ask you to share the article by Nkosikhona Ngcobo, to which you refer. I have kind of determined that I would like to make it a preoccupation of mine to find Mabel Cetu. Even if I just find one image. My name is Lindiwe Nkutha and i'm on email address nomkhubulwane@gmail.com. I'd really appreciate your help.


  2. Hello Lerato,

    my name is Marie and I am doing a PhD on female South African photographers. That's why I am also highly interested in this article. Is there any chance you could provide me with further information on that? If so, my email address is marie.meyerding@gmail.com.
    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Marie Meyerding